Monday, January 09, 2006


Ohio School Board to Vote on ID Model Lesson Tomorrow

Here's an example of a letter sent to Ohio School Board members over the weekend by RSR reader, and award winning science educator, Cheryl Shepard-Adams.

Dear Ohio School Board Member,

I was privileged to teach science and math in Ohio in the 1990s, and I gained a great appreciation for the high standards for student achievement in the Ohio public schools.

In light of the recent Kitzmiller v. Dover decision, and the documented influence of intelligent design proponents on the ‘model lesson’ and the Ohio science standards, it seems that retaining these problematic standards & lesson invites costly litigation.

Likewise, elected officials who espoused these types of flawed policies have suffered the wrath of voters in subsequent elections – in Dover last November, and in Kansas after its 1999 fiasco. If you truly care about providing the best science education possible for Ohio’s students, drop the intelligent-design/creationism-inspired parts of the standards, and the related ‘model lesson.’ This action will also help you avoid the political backlash of thousands of energized moderates, and financially protect your already-strapped public schools.

Thank you,

Cheryl Shepherd-Adams
2005 Toyota Tapestry Large Grant Awardee
2003 AOK-AAPT Outstanding Kansas High School Physics Teacher
Member, Sigma Pi Sigma National Physics Honorary

Have you sent a letter yet? Time's running out. The Ohio School Board votes tomorrow, Jan. 10, on whether or not to rescind their intelligent design policy. Ohio Citizens for Science is asking for your help. You can find a list of email addresses for board members here. What are you waiting for?


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