Saturday, January 07, 2006


Ohio Action Alert

Katie Byard, a staff writer for the Akron Beacon Journal, reports that "Ohio's model high school biology curriculum is illegal and would not survive a court challenge, according to a renowned physicist and outspoken defender of teaching evolution in public schools.

Lawrence Krauss, a professor of physics and astronomy at Case Western Reserve University, told the Akron Press Club on Thursday that last month's ruling in the Dover, Pa. ``intelligent design'' case -- while not binding in Ohio -- should be a wake-up call to Ohio's Board of Education...

Four of five parts of Ohio's model lesson plan, called Critical Analysis of Evolution, "come directly from the book Of Pandas and People, which was the book that was shown in the Dover trial to be based on religion, not science,'' Krauss said Thursday at the Martin Center on the University of Akron campus.

Ohio Citizens for Science reports that Ohio's board of education will meet next Tuesday Jan. 10 in Columbus to decide whether to comply with the recent federal court ruling against intelligent-design creationism and its disingenuous "teach the controversy" ploy.

Ohio Citizens for Science is asking supporters of science education across the country to take action immediately (as in this weekend) to demand compliance with the law and to save the state of Ohio from a multimillion dollar lawsuit they will surely lose.

Those who live in Ohio should plan to attend the meeting. Check the Ohio Citizens for Science website to learn where and when the board will meet.

OCFS is asking supporters of science education from all across the country to write TODAY to board members and Attorney General Jim Petro ( to demand that the board stop using the government to promote religion by damaging public understanding of science.

These letters should ask Ohio Attorney General Jim Petro, to stand up for Ohio's children, for freedom of religion, for science and industry, and for our future. Mr. Petro is in a unique position to understand the import of the ruling and to counsel the board accordingly. As a candidate for Governor, Petro should be eager to take a leadership position in his area of expertise. OCFS has prepared a sample letter that can be viewed here.

Ohio Citizens for Science is also asking that letters be sent, TODAY, to Ohio School Board members. Here are the e-mail addresses for those board members:
Richard B. Hoppe has posted on Ohio Citizens for Science call for help on Panda's Thumb, as well, you can read it, here. His post has additional background information, as well.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get busy!


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