Wednesday, October 12, 2005


The Sweet Voice of Reason

Red State Rabble gets letters.

Recently, we posted about the web site of G. Daniel Harden, a professor of education at Washburn University and finalist for the post of Kansas Education Commissioner. We noted the following quote on Dr. Harden's site from Charles Paguy, the 19th Century French Poet:
"We will never know how many acts of cowardice have been motivated by the fear of appearing not sufficiently progressive."
We also noted the many, many links to right-wing websites and the open hostility to teachers on many of the sites Dr. Harden's blog links to. We concluded that G. Daniel Harden is not motivated by the fear of appearing not sufficiently progressive.

Today, we received an aggrieved response -- copyrighted, no less -- from someone who identifies himself as WL of Boulder, Col. As you will see, Mr. L exhibits all of the morally superior characteristics, such as chaste language, that the right takes such justifiable pride in. It also happens to be a near classic example of what passes for discourse in these circles.

Because Red State Rabble takes a clinical interest in this personality type -- and we know our readers share this interest -- we're reproducing an excerpt from Mr. L's letter charmingly entitled, "Moron."
Some idiot with a blog site and a low IQ doesn't like the links Dr. Harden has on his web site. Go fuck yourself you ignorant piece of crap. You liberal assholes would sell out every child in the school system in your never-ending quest to establish an elitist class of over-paid government fat ass bureaucrats with blank checks issued by the taxpayers conned into thinking they're buying education. Dr. Harden and a few good educators like him are about the only hope left for for our disintegrating public schools.
It's good to know Dr. G. Daniel Harden has the support of such civic-minded citizens as Mr. L. We can't understand why the Kansas State School Board overlooked Dr. Harden when it chose Michael Brown Bob Corkins. Dr. Harden, quite clearly, is an educator who draws support from an adoring public made up of nimble thinkers such as WL.

Note: The orignal of this post has been edited to remove the name of the sender. Following publication of the original, we received a note (see related post from Oct. 15) from WL saying that a co-worker had used his e-mail account to send the letter excerpted above. Prior to publishing this post, RSR confirmed the ownership of the e-mail account in question, read online some of the published work of WL, and sent a reply informing WL that we intended to publish this post the next day. We did not receive his reply until after this post was online for about 12 hours. Nevertheless, we have accepted WL's explanation, and are removing his name from this inflamatory letter.


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