Friday, September 16, 2005


G. Daniel Harden, or How to FEMAize Kansas Education Without Really Trying

G. Daniel Harden, an education professor at Washburn University, is also a finalist for the post of Kansas Education Commissioner.

A visit to G. Daniel's website -- Traditional Education in The Year of Our Lord 2005 -- tells you all you need to know about him. High up, he quotes Charles Paguy, the 19th Century French Poet:
"We will never know how many acts of cowardice have been motivated by the fear of appearing not sufficiently progressive."
Rest assured, G. Daniel is not motivated by that fear.

"I find," notes our G. Daniel, "National Review Online and The Washington Times to be of daily interest and the others [Drudge, WorldNetDaily, Kansas Taxpayers Network, Enter Stage Right, etc., RSR] to be worthy of periodic visitation.

G. Daniel is bound to have close and fruitful relations with Kansas teachers and parents of school children. He helpfully provides an approving link to the Education Policy Institute which features an no holds barred expose of the infamous, wait for it... PTA.

The Politics of the PTA by Charlene K. Haar is featured on the EPI web site. It is described as:
[A] fascinating account of the transformation of the National PTA from a mothers-only organization to an NEA-dominated one that explicitly denies that it is an educational organization. In fact, as Haar shows, the PTA has adopted policies that prohibit local and state affiliates from challenging union positions on the issues of greatest concern to parents. Consequently, on issues of concern to parents, the PTA does not and cannot represent parents whenever parent interests conflict with teacher union interest, as is often the case.

[Disclosure: Mrs. RSR is a PTA President]

RSR readers can rest assured that the right-wingers who run the board will choose one of these two Neanderthals -- G. Daniel or Corkins.

After all, as board chair Steve Abrams told the Lawrence Journal-World, “... do I want someone who agrees with us philosophically? Of course, we’d like to do that.”

What Bush did so successfully to FEMA, the Kansas Board of Education now proposes to do to the state's school system. The hurricane of incompetence may well be enough to destroy education in Kansas -- no Katrina-like disaster will be required.


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