Saturday, July 21, 2007


Good Fellas

Michael Korn, the Christian anti-evolution activist police are seeking in connection with a series of threats against faculty in the biology dept. at the University of Colorado in Boulder, is on the lam.

"Police visited Korn's apartment, but found that he and his wife were gone," according to Wired News. The apartment had been sublet and his wife had quit her job.

Korn reportedly has been seen distributing leaflets saying instructors are "child molesters" for teaching evolution to students. He's also believed to be responsible for a series of threatening letters and e-mails including at least one that refers to "killing the enemies of Christian society." Letters placed under the doors of faculty offices were decorated with skull and crossbones.

Where has Korn gone? Red State Rabble has no idea. Is it possible Discovery's talent scouts -- the same scouts who saw vast talent in both Casey Lusking and Michael Egnor -- were so knocked out by his writing that they've offered him a fellowship? Could he be sipping latte and writing his first post for Evolution News and Views even as we speak?

If, in the unlikely event that little scenario were true, at least it would give Discovery's Robert Crowther an opportunity to set the record straight on his denial that creationists or "very religious people" had anything to do with the threats, and withdraw his outrageous accusation that the faculty lied to police about the threats.

That would be the decent thing to do. What do you suppose it is that's stopping Crowther from doing it?


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