Thursday, July 12, 2007


Gonzalez Tenure Denial

The Discovery Institute is trumpeting Guillermo Gonzalez' appeal of his denial of tenure at Iowa State University.

Discovery's John West calls the denial, "one of the most outrageous examples of academic discrimination and abuse targeting scholars who are supportive of intelligent design."

One thing that you won't hear about at Discovery's Evolution News and Views blog, but does receive some ink in the Des Moines Register is this:

The chair of the physics and astronomy department has said lack of fundraising by Gonzalez was an issue in his tenure denial.

Iowa State University has sponsored $22,661 in outside grant money for Guillermo Gonzalez since July 2001, records show. In contrast, Gonzalez’s peers in physics and astronomy had secured an average of $1,305,580 by the time they were granted tenure, which is essentially a life-time appointment at the university.
RSR has heard some rumors -- and we should say up front we don't know if they're true -- that even the measly $22K was kicked in by Discovery at the last moment to buck up Gonzalez' failing case for tenure.


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