Monday, July 09, 2007


The Epigones

Over at Uncommon Descent, ID guru William Dembski asks if it's "fair to judge scientific theories by their offspring?" Unsurprisingly, as the theory in question is evolution, Dembski deems it perfectly fair.

"For the greatest theory ever conceived," Dembski divines, "Darwinian evolution has begotten an idiot in evolutionary psychology."

Red State Rabble has never been a big fan of evolutionary psychology as currently practiced. Although, we tend to agree with Stephen Jay Gould that because the human mind is a product of evolution, "all curious people must support the quest for an evolutionary psychology."

Whether or not evolutionary psychology ever proves itself of any value, we'd just like to let the ghosts of George McCready Price and Henry Morris know that we can't quite bring ourselves to hold them completely responsible for their own misbegotten offspring.


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