Monday, July 09, 2007


Discovery's Irony Deficient Diet

The fellows of the Discovery Institute, that intelligent design belief tank on the shores of Peugeot Sound, seem to be subsisting on an irony free diet.

Sitting side by side on their Evolution News and Views blog this past weekend are the following:

A post by Robert Crowther blames Darwin and evolutionary theory for the "development of advertising methods to more effectively manipulate consumer behavior."

Nearby, a post by Michael Egnor quotes Pat Sullivan, an entrepreneur and a marketing expert who writes software programs that help businesses with marketing and customer relations, "on the difficulties that Darwinists are having with the public acceptance of their theory."

Pat sez:

If Darwinism is ever going to succeed it is going to have to find ways to explain itself in easy to follow, yet credible ways to get people to believe it. You should not have to be a trained biochemist to understand Darwinism. I expect this won't happen and ID as a scientific idea will gain a lot of ground in the mind of the marketplace.
"When it comes to marketing," enthuses Egnor, "he knows what he’s talking about."


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