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If you're like RSR, you simply can't get enough of the self-righteous hypocrisy that is the religious right. We've stumbled on a web site where even the most glutinous among you can throw caution to the wind and binge on the latest example of holier-than-thou hypocricy until you can binge no more.

It's an Australian blog, Duae Quartunciae, which for the Latin challenged translates as "My Two Cents." The author describes himself as "an atheist, but not particularly concerned to wipe out religion." He writes about evolution, cosmology, math, religion and unbelief.

Oh yeah, he has a post up just now that recounts in loving detail the lawsuit that grew out of a split between Ken Ham's Answers in Genesis, the proud owners of a shiny new creation museum in Kentucky, and its former Australian-based parent group Creation Ministries International.

Though he calls it peripheral to the main story line, Duae Quartunciae takes a thoroughly satisfying side trip though John McKay's (unfounded) accusations that Creation Science Foundation staffer Margarent Buchanan engaged in witchcraft, Satanism, and necrophilia with her dead husband.

The real battle, of course, is over money. Isn't it always?

The fight between Ken Ham's American-based organization AiG and Carl Weiland now heading up CMI in Australia is over two very profitable assets: the AiG website and two journals, both produced in Australia, but distributed in other countries.

In these business dealings, in Duae Quartunciae's opinion, "the Australians have been royally screwed by the Americans."

We won't try to tell the whole story here. Go to Duae Quartunciae and wallow in the details, the links to legal documents filed in the case, the summary of blog reactions from around the world, and the spin from both sides. It's all there and more.

It's a guilty pleasure, so wallow in it. Just don't go bulimic on me.

Update: The link is fixed.


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