Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Kansas vs. Darwin

Jeff Tamblyn reports that the response to the screening of his documentary "Kansas vs. Darwin" last Monday "was much, much better than I could have hoped for. The audience was very vocal during the film, they gave us a standing ovation, and mobbed us afterward with positive feedback and good wishes."

"Kansas vs. Darwin" takes you inside the 2005 Kansas science hearings "to meet the characters who captured the world's attention: school board members who believe their literal interpretation of the Bible trumps modern scientific evidence, and members of the Intelligent Design Network who believe mainstream science is conspiring to suppress evidence that would overturn evolution. You'll also get face to face with an organization of Kansas scientists, educators, and citizens that organizes a worldwide response to put an end to what they see as a religiously-motivated kangaroo court."

Tamblyn expects to edit the film a bit more over the summer before entering it in several film festivals this fall. He also plans to hold screenings in areas that have recently experienced a challenge to teaching evolution, in order to combine these with discussions, action-planning sessions, and many other connected events.

You can watch the "Kansas vs. Darwin" trailer here.


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