Sunday, June 17, 2007


Influx of One

Bill Dembski thinks it will be "interesting" to see how the National Center for Science Education deals with the growing number of non-religious ID proponents.

The folks at the National Center for Science Education are far too nice and way too professional to take notice of such things, but pro-science bloggers seem to be dealing with it by laughing themselves sick. See for example RSR's old friend across the state line Afarensis, paralepsis, Stranger Fruit, or Pharyngula.

The international coalition of non-religious ID proponents of which Dr. Dembski speaks is made up in its entirety by Canadian William Brookfield who describes himself, in a website since pulled down, as an ID Pleasurian:

a non-religious amalgam of ID science and Hefnerian Playboy philosophy. It serves as a strategically unified and archetypal counter proposal to orthodox ascetic religions such as Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Islam. It is also somewhat resonant with Wiccan and "mother nature”- based pagan cults (in the west) and Tantric Buddhism (in the east). Pleasurian-ism is an earthy, sensuous and physically celebratory form of “monistic idealism” or infocognitive monism.” Pleasurian science is naturally driven by the "pleasure of finding things out."
It seems to RSR that the NCSE will have no problem at all "dealing" with ID's influx of one. How will the super uptight Southern Baptists, Holy Rollers, and Reconstructionists that Dembski hangs with deal? We suspect it may put a big, bad bind in their tighty-whiteys.

Pleasure on, Dudes.

Update: Don't miss Kristine's conversion to ID Pleasurianism at Amused Muse. Via Duae Quartunciae: Mike Argento was there a year ago and maybe did it best.

Late Update: As of Monday morning, Dembski's Uncommon Descent readers are still congratulating themselves on this latest, perhaps decisive, blow to science. How long until they actually follow the links and Dembski pulls the plug post? The funniest stuff may be the self-congratulatory comments at UD.


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