Thursday, June 14, 2007


ID, Alzheimers Link?

More than 70 Wright City, Missouri school teachers have written a letter blasting school board member Martin Craft's statement that Hitler's success and the shootings at Virginia Tech and Columbine High School are the result of teaching evolution.

"He indicated that he believes that teachers are responsible for Hitler, Nazi Germany and the death of 200 million people since evolution has been taught," the teachers wrote. "He called us adults living in a fairy tale (science) and added that we go in our classrooms and teach evolution like little gods."

According to the Warrenton Journal, the debate began during at an April 19 meeting where the board discussed adding a statement to the science curriculum that evolution be taught as a theory. The motion failed 4-3.

"While [Craft's] accusations are so absurd that they really don't deserve comment, we feel the need to address his statement since he is a member of our school board and should be supporting public school teachers, not insulting them with ridiculous accusations," the teachers wrote. "The teachers of the Wright City School District and teachers everywhere devote their lives to helping children become productive citizens. We are their teachers, defenders, mentors and warriors against ignorance."

"I am nearly 75 years of age," Craft wrote in response. "I fail to communicate in the most appropriate manner."


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