Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Conservative Cul-de-sac

Former Arkansas Gov., ordained Baptist preacher, creationist, and Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee argues that social conservatives are on the brink of becoming irrelevant in this election cycle unless they "get back into the game."

Red State Rabble hates to pour cold water on Huckabee's presidential aspirations, but we think social conservatives may have made themselves irrelevant no matter what they do. Here's why:

"There are millions of people that don’t believe in the theory of evolution, and there are many more millions, myself included," writes Eleanor Clift in her Newsweek "Capitol Letter" column, "who wouldn’t want a creationist to become president. After the Bush years, voters should be wary of anybody with strongly held beliefs that could take precedence over facts and reality, whether it has to do with Iraq, global warming or, yes, evolution."


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