Monday, June 11, 2007


Brownback's Care and Feeding of the Base

Not long ago, we linked to Blogs4Brownback whose author, Sisyphus, believes heliocentrism to be an atheist conspiracy. To put that in perspective -- many initially thought it was a hoax -- he also believes we've turned the corner in Iraq.

Sen. Sam, who once found this sort of nonsense so congenial, finds he now must distance himself from those in his base gripped by extreme anti-science lunacy. Seems he can't get taken seriously by Republican money men unless he does.

Stung by the derision that came his way when he raised his hand to say he doubts evolution at the first Republican presidential candidate debate he walked that back, ever so slightly, in a New York Times Op-Ed.

Now he's crushed the hearts of the flat earthers among his supporters by writing to Sisyphus (see comment 865):

From the Office of Senator Sam Brownback:

Dear loyal supporters,

I must thank you all for your kind support and words, however I feel it is my duty to inform you that it is my belief that heliocentrism is the correct viewpoint on how we exist in God’s wonderful universe.

Unlike evolution, which has yet to be proven, I have discussed the idea of heliocentrism with my Senate colleague, John Glenn (D-Ohio), who, as you will no doubt know, was the first American to orbit the Earth aboard Friendship 7 on February 20, 1962.

Senator Glenn’s career as a NASA astronaut, his time in the Senate and life as a true American patriot leave me in no doubt that his view on the Earth orbiting our Sun is true and correct. As he has seen this glorious sight with his own eyes, I must agree with him on this point and humbly bow to his superior knowledge.

At the same time, reason itself cannot answer every question about our lives in God’s own universe. Faith seeks to purify reason so that we might be able to see more clearly, not less. It is with this faith that I trust my colleague, Senator Glenn, on this subject.

Faith supplements the scientific method by providing an understanding of values, meaning and purpose. More than that, faith — not science — can help us understand the breadth of human suffering or the depth of human love. Faith and science should go together, not be driven apart. NASA is a proud American agency, helping us seek the answers we require in order to survive and learn. Let us, my fellow Americans, use this knowledge to move forward, and not remain in the past with the geocentric model.

Those aspects of astronomy compatible with this heliocentric truth are a welcome addition to human knowledge. Aspects of these theories that undermine this truth, however, should be firmly rejected as a creationist fundamentalist Protestant viewpoint, as well as literary treatments within alternate history of science fiction posing as science.

Sam Brownback is a Republican senator from Kansas.

Sam Brownback
202) 224-6521

Sisyphus, of course, believes the response must be from an impostor. He responds (in part) to another comment this way:
“The whole universe is in motion.”

Why do you hate America?

“The Earth moves, as does the sun and as does Antares.”

Why do you hate Jesus?


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