Tuesday, June 26, 2007



Denyse "Buy My Book" O'Leary believes people help others because they think God wants them to. She rejects the idea that altruistic behavior may be a product of evolution. That mothers who risk their lives to protect their children or men who sacrifice themselves to protect the tribe may end up passing their genes along more often than those who save themselves seems an utter fantasy to her.

If belief in God is the explanation for altruistic behavior, however, how do we explain the bird whose cry warns the flock of the presence of a predator, but also calls the attention of the predator to the bird that utters the warning cry? How do we explain the protective behavior of other animals -- who surely can't be thought to be practicing Christians -- toward their young?

Don't like the animal analogies?

How do we explain altruistic behavior in the many peoples of the world who follow a religion that doesn't worship a supernatural being who is concerned with human moral behavior?


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