Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Storm Troopers

In a debate between pro-science conservatives Larry Arnhart and John Derbyshire and Discovery Institute fellows John West and George Gilder at the American Enterprise Institute last Thursday, Gilder complained about the actions of "Darwinist Storm Troopers."

For Gilder, it seems, the real danger to our Constitutional freedoms comes not from CIA secret prisons, extraordinary rendition, suspension of habeas corpus, torture, government wiretapping, secrecy, politicization of the Justice department, manipulation of the media, bogus voter fraud prosecutions and voter intimidation, or extra-Constitutional signing statements.

No, the real danger comes from "anti-religious, sexual liberationist, anti-natalist [read family planning advocates] and feminist" activists. Oh yeah, and Darwinist Storm Troopers. The enemy at home. They're the real problem.


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