Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Sources close to Ken Ham at the new Kentucky Creation Museum tell RSR that a deal to sign actor John Lehr, who plays the caveman in Geiko commercials, to a contract to represent the museum in a series of nationwide television commercials and print ads fell through at the 11th hour.

Reportedly, the deal was to have included an option to buy the rights to the Geiko slogan, "It's so easy a caveman could do it."

Advertising insiders in the Cincinnati area tell RSR they've been hearing rumors for weeks now that the museum's planned ad campaign included a playful adaptation of the popular caveman's slogan: "So simple a creationist could understand it."

The deal was said to be contingent on also securing the services of one of the "suit actors" who played Barney, the lovable purple dinosaur. But PBS executives, still angry that creationist Jerry Falwell outed Tinky Winky, a star of the popular PBS series, "Teletubbies," proved unwilling to grant the museum rights to the popular children's character.

Update: Just after posting this, we learned that Zeno must be talking to the same sources.


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