Thursday, May 31, 2007


Rural Idiocy?

Why do most establishment clause cases happen in small towns? Peter Irons, the author of God on Trial: Dispatches from America's Religious Battlefields says it's because:
In cities, the authorities tend to be advised by savvy attorneys who know that if they do things like that they will be in trouble. So you're more likely to see them in small towns that are, say, 95% Southern Baptist, where the town fathers were unlikely to be thinking about diversity but a small minority was upset by what seems like a civic religious gesture.

We've heard a lot lately about the so-called war on Christians. Are Christians really victims of widespread religious discrimination? Irons says no:
In most cases it is the atheists or non-evangelical Christians whose rights have historically been trampled on , and for the court to restore them is not overshooting the mark at all.

Irons, who teaches Constitutional law at UC-San Diego is interviewed in Time magazine. The whole interview is worth a read.


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