Monday, May 14, 2007


Progress or Providence

From the Capital Times: "The continuing disagreement among creationists and evolutionists is not simply a result of conflict between the theory of evolution and Bible, or atheists and Bible literalists," says philosopher Michael Ruse, a longtime leader in the fight against creationism. "It is less about whether a person believes in God, said Ruse, and more about whether they believe in a life of self-directed progress or a life directed by divine providence, in which nothing can be accomplished without God's help."

It's important for those of us who defend science education and a democratic, secular America to understand, as well as we can, the nature of the religious right.

For my money, Michael Ruse, in over 30 books now, including The Evolution-Creation Struggle, is quite simply the best at puting the current battles into historical context.


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