Friday, May 04, 2007


Padian Slides Posted

The National Center for Science Education has placed a transcript of Kevin Padian's expert witness testimony in Kitzmiller v. Dover on-line -- with the slides that he displayed in the courtroom.

"Kevin Padian, Berkeley paleontologist and curator of his university's Museum of Paleontology, entertainingly brought the bone hunter's perspective to the courtroom, the sort of character on whom the fossil-hunting hero of the film Jurassic Park was based," wrote Ed Humes in his book about the trial, Monkey Girl, "Padian happily showed slides of his 'critters,' as he tended to call the ancient fossils and bones he used as a window on the past. ... Padian, with evident fierce joy, debunked the often repeated claim that the absence of 'transitional fossils' was a problem for evolution and an argument for creation or intelligent design."

More info from NCSE here.


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