Wednesday, May 16, 2007


How Creationists View Nazi Treatment of Gays

The Discovery Institute has joined James Dobson's Focus on the Family in a number of events to decry the supposed links between evolution and the Nazis. That's why those who are interested in the subject may wish to take a look at "Gays in Nazi Germany" on a Family Research Institute web page (after clicking the link, scroll down to find it).

Here, the creationists at the Family Research Institute use Nazi experimental data to prove for Dobson's group that homosexuals can be "cured."

Here's the takeaway lesson for Dobson's group:

"We can certainly feel sorry for those who are so trapped by their vice that they cannot get free. On the other hand, if society were forced to accommodate the behavior of hard-core homosexuals, how many other lives would be damaged, perhaps irreparably? True compassion dictates that we not only attempt to keep those who are bent on self-destruction from reaching their demise, but more importantly, that we protect others who might get caught in the same wake of misfortune."

Thanks to Ed Brayton at Dispatches from the Culture Wars for calling this to my attention.


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