Saturday, May 12, 2007


Guillermo Gonzalez Denied Tenure at ISU

From the Ames Tribune: "Guillermo Gonzalez, an assistant professor of astronomy and physics who argues for the theory of intelligent design, was denied tenure this semester by Iowa State University."
In August 2005, more than 120 faculty members signed a petition rejecting "all attempts to represent Intelligent Design as a scientific endeavor." Similar petitions at the University of Iowa and University of Northern Iowa were also circulated.

Claims for intelligent design, said the ISU faculty statement "are premised on (1) the arbitrary selection of features claimed to be engineered by a designer; (2) unverifiable conclusions about the wishes and desires of that designer; and (3) an abandonment by science of methodological naturalism.

"Whether one believes in a creator or not, views regarding a supernatural creator are, by their very nature, claims of religious faith, and so not within the scope or abilities of science. We, therefore, urge all faculty members to uphold the integrity of our university of "science and technology," convey to students and the general public the importance of methodological naturalism in science, and reject efforts to portray Intelligent Design as science."


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