Monday, May 14, 2007


Feeble, Pathetic Morons

According to The Christian Post, when the debate between creationists Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron and two skeptics from the the Rational Response Squad was first announced, "numerous Christians came out to show their approval, happy to see that there would be a chance for Christians to gain exposure on television and possibly convince people of the existence of God."

After the debate? Well, let's just say these particular Christians were a bit over exposed.

"Too many times atheists are made to look like giant intellectuals while Theists are made to look like feeble, pathetic morons," wrote Bill Latronica, a Christian blogger from California, in a prescient pre-debate post. "We need people who are educated in philosophy and science as well as theology to be able to represent Theists in a powerful manner."

Comfort and Cameron, "the Killer Cs," may have been on the side of the angels, but Marty Duren, pastor of New Bethany Baptist Church of Buford, Ga., says, "they got completely shellacked in this one.”

Here's a link to the ABC News video of the Nightline Faceoff "Does God Exist."

Guess Cameron's banana bit just didn't go over with the ABC News audience the way it did on YouTube.


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