Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Dr. Dino in Solitary

Dr. Dino, aka Kent Hovind, the man who doubted evolution and that he would go to jail if he failed to pay his taxes, is in solitary confinement, according to his CSE blog.

Dr. Dino's continuing adventures in the reality-based world now include a Damascus Road conversion experience before he was transferred to the hole.

No, Dr. Dino has not come around on evolution.

The Darwin Doubtin' Dr. Dino reports that one of the inmates told him at lunch that if he could, he'd "bomb the Christian Coalition. They are the reason we are here.”

And although Dr. Dino loves the Christian Coalition he understands the man's point. "For years," he writes, "Christians have pushed judges and legislators to be 'tough on crime.'”

Suddenly, miraculously, Dr. Dino sees the injustice of it all.

"Having been here for nearly six months," writes Dr. Dino, "I will forever be an advocate of closing most jails and prisons. What this type of punishment does to families and society is terrible. I believe that we as Christians are unwittingly funding and encouraging the very prisons that will house the Christians as the New World Order approaches!"

Funny, I thought all the real Christians would just fly right up to heaven in the Rapture as the New World Order approached, but it's possible my theology is a little rusty in this area.


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