Thursday, May 17, 2007


DefCon Petition Against Creation Museum

DefCon, the campaign to defend the Constitution, has posted an online petition against Ken Ham's Fred and Wilma Flintstone Memorial Creation Museum which is scheduled to open soon.

The DefCon petition expresses "opposition to the Creation Museum, an institution built by Answers in Genesis (AiG) and designed to promote the falsehood that science supports the notion of a 6,000 year old Earth.

"This institution is only the most recent example of the religious right's war on science education - whether in the form of anti-evolution stickers in textbooks or the promotion of intelligent design in the classroom.

"As Americans, we support our fellow citizens' freedoms of religion and speech, and as a private institution, AiG is free to deny the overwhelming evidence resulting from hundreds of years of scientific work.

"We, however, oppose this nefarious campaign to institutionalize a lie."

Go here to add your name to the petition.


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