Saturday, May 19, 2007


Breaking: Willard in Line for Schools Post

We've been getting e-mails for days now about the potential election of Kansas creationist Ken Willard as president of the National Association of State Boards of Education.

The e-mails were confidential, so we kept quiet. Now, the New York Times has broken the story and it's time to raise the alarm.

The Times reports that Willard’s only opponent in the race withdrew for personal reasons after the period for nominations had closed.

Willard is a member of the radical right school board majority that tried to write intelligent design into the Kansas science curriculum in 2005. Although he's an elected member of the state school board, Willard is a hardened political opponent of public schools and an ardent supporter of private religious education, charter schools, and vouchers. He opposes increased funding of public education and voted to appoint the woeful Bob Corkins as state Education Commissioner.

Some scientists hope that when states submit their votes, they will write in someone else, according to the Times. "One possible candidate is Sam Schloemer, a retired businessman from Cincinnati who won a seat on the Ohio board last November with the help of scientists who organized to defeat creationist candidates."

Schloemer, a Republican, told the Times in a telephone interview that he had learned of Mr. Willard’s unopposed candidacy a few days before. He said he had no particular desire for the office, but added, “I would rather serve than see someone of his persuasion represent school boards across the country.”


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