Friday, April 06, 2007


SMU Faculty Issue Statement Opposing ID Conference

"We do not argue against the basic right to believe, worship and express oneself as one desires.

"We are, however, vehemently opposed to the deliberate deception of presenting politically motivated religious viewpoints as science. It is destructive and antithetical to the usefulness of science, and history has shown that similar politicizations of science have been incredibly destructive to our moral, ethical and material progress."

This excerpt is from a powerful essay in the Dallas Morning News speaking out against the Darwin vs. Design event organized by the Discovery Institute at SMU. The essay was signed by Dr. John Wise, a faculty member in biological sciences; Dr. Ronald Wetherington, a faculty member in anthropology; and Dr. Robert T. Gregory, chair of the geological sciences department and more than 20 other faculty members, scientists and chairpersons in the departments of anthropology, biological sciences, chemistry, geological sciences and physics at Southern Methodist University.


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