Friday, April 27, 2007


SMU: Blatantly and Unequivocally False

The push back from the Discovery Institute's Darwin vs. Design tent revival and patent medicine show at SMU continues. Dr. John Wise and Dr. Pia Vogel write in the SMU Daily Campus:
Jonathon Wells, a Discovery Institute fellow, Philipp Johnson and other ID and creationism proponents have asserted that there is no evidence of transitional intermediates between species in the fossil record and have inferred from this that a creator must have intervened. Their assertion is blatantly and unequivocally false. It's rock for goodness' sake. It's hard to ignore tons of rock with whale-like tetrapods, tetrapod-like whales, reptile-like birds, bird-like reptiles, fish with arm bones, and the many other transitional forms found in them over and over again without losing credibility.

Of course, if you believe, as Wells does, that the Rev. Sun Myung Moon is Christ's heir, and that buying Moonie trinkets can make life easier in the afterlife for those who have already died, ignoring a few tons of rock isn't really that difficult.


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