Tuesday, April 24, 2007


RNA and the Origins of Life

The Kansas State Division of Biology and the Center for Understanding of Origins of Kansas State University have announced a two-day symposium entitled RNA and the Origins of Life. The symposium will be held in the K-State Student Union Forum Hall on Friday, April 27, and Ackert Hall, home of the Division of Biology at Kansas State University on Saturday, April 28.

The list of speakers includes Dr. Harry Noller of UC Santa Cruz who will speak on the "Origin of the Ribosome: The Cell's Protein Factory," Dr. Norman Pace of the University of Colorado, Boulder, who will discuss the "Origin of the Eukaryotic Cell," Dr. Ronald Breaker of Yale University, who will adress "Regulatory RNA: Evolution in Test Tube" Dr. Michael Russell of JPL Caltech, who will speak on "Evolution of First Cell: Biogeochemical conditions on early Earth," and Dr. Katsura Asano, of Kansas State University.

According to the event organizers, studies on the origins of life have recently made three major breakthroughs:

You can register for the symposium here.


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