Wednesday, April 11, 2007


No Safe Haven

Discovery's Bruce Chapman and John West are crowing that the "Darwinists" at Southern Methodist University are afraid to debate them.

Those who follow the intelligent design pseudo-controversy know, of course, that Darwinist is right-wing code-speak for atheist. So, it must be a bit worrying to Chapman and West that their appearance at SMU has raised the ire of the faculty there.

Even a private school, founded by Methodists, -- although it now describes itself as nonsectarian in its teaching and committed to freedom of inquiry -- in the heart of Bush country is no longer a safe haven for intelligent design.

You could believe, as Chapman and West profess to believe, that SMU is run by atheists. That there's a Darwinist laying in wait for them under every bed, behind every bush, or you could conclude that ID's 15 minutes is simply over. We have their number. The sophistry of their arguments has been sufficiently exposed. Everyone -- even in Texas -- knows their game.


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