Monday, April 23, 2007


Mission From God

According to the Benton County, Arkansas Daily Record, "Earl Adams believes he’s on a mission from God 'to preserve a sense of decency in our public libraries.'"

That's why he's considering filing a $20,000 suit against the Bentonville Library for putting for The Whole Lesbian Sex Book by Felice Newman back on the shelves.

"For some reason, God placed this burden on me, and I will follow God’s plan to preserve a sense of decency in our public libraries," Adams wrote in an e-mail to a Daily Record reporter Friday afternoon. "The responsible adults in our community need to ban together and protect our children from the self destructive paths that have been paved by the immoral counterculture that dominates our legal and educational institutions."

Adams must not have cable. What will he do when he finds "The L Word" is on television?


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