Saturday, April 14, 2007


The March of Egnorance: Which is it?

Consistency is not, and has never been, ID's long suit. Here's but the latest example, an excerpt from a post published Wednesday on the Discovery Institute's Evolution News and Views blog by Michael Egnor:
Darwin asserted that all natural integrated biological complexity arose by random variation and natural selection. Cancer does seem to grow in accordance with Darwin’s mechanism. The “variation” of cancer cells seems random, and cancer cells are certainly “naturally selected,” in the tautological sense that replicating cells eventually outnumber non-replicating cells. Darwin’s theory can be applied to cancer, trivially.

And here's Michael Egnor yesterday:
Cancer is real biological evolution by random mutation and natural selection, writ fast. There’s no reason to invoke encyclopedia typos or tractor engines in order to understand what "chance and necessity" can do to a living system. Brain tumors are perfect little Novellian "two-cycle engines" nestled inside the skull, "random mutations" coming out the ears, and "natural selection" like there’s no tomorrow (excuse the metaphors). Brain tumors are constantly generating new biological variation, and they are avatars of natural selection... Cancer wards are full of patients brimming with "two-stroke engines" of evolutionary change.

From "trivial" to "engine of evolutionary change" in just two days.

Michael Egnor, proving once again that brain surgery -- at least the ID inspired kind -- ain't rocket science.

On the bright side, Egnor's post will give Casey Luskin the opportunity to condemn any Darwinist who writes that IDers believe cancer is not an example of evolution or, conversely, that IDers believe cancer is an example of evolution.

Those Darwinists, they won't debate, and they misrepresent what we believe. They are baaaad people.


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