Monday, April 02, 2007


MAINPAC School Board Endorsements

The following pro-science, pro-education candidates have been endorsed by MainPAC, a non-partisan, non-sectarian coalition of members and leaders of the business, civic, political and religious communities who are uniting to promote and preserve Constitutional freedoms which are threatened by political extremists.

Red State Rabble encourages readers who live in these districts to vote for these candidates.

Blue Valley School District USD #229
Position 7 Clinton Robinson

De Soto School District USD #232
Position 1 Rick Walker
Position 2 Jim Thomas
Position 3 Sandra Thierer
Position 7 Don Clark

Olathe School District USD #233
Position 1 Linda Wilhelm
Position 4 Debora Daniels
Position 7 Harlan Parker and Dean Vakas

Johnson County Community College Trustees
Lynn Mitchelson
John Stewart
Don Weiss


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