Monday, April 30, 2007


It's Only a Theory

Long after the school board settled the case and moved on, the Discovery Institute's boy attorney, Casey Luskin, is still fighting the Cobb County sticker case.

Luskin complains that "the school district entered into a lose-lose-lose settlement" when it agreed to permanently remove the disclaimer stickers it placed on biology textbooks there, promised not to make any disclaimers about evolution in the future, and paid the plaintiff's court costs.

How, asks Luskin, can you be wrong to say evolution is only a theory, when it clearly is a theory?

Luskin cites as evidence that the school board was wrong to settle a law review note by a student published in Temple Journal of Science Technology & Environmental Law.

Perhaps the Cobb County school board went with the advice of their own attorneys on the prospects of winning in the case in court -- they lost in the initial ruling -- rather than take the word, as Luskin does, of a law student.

Since the Discovery Institute bailed on the Dover school board in its moment of need the board may have felt that Luskin's grudging rhetorical support for the disclaimer just wasn't enough to risk a second judgement from the court.

But that's only a theory.


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