Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Creationist Logic 101

Understanding the peculiar logic of the creationist mind is a difficult and often thankless task.

A recent letter to Birmingham Press-Register about a visit to Ken Ham's Flintstone Museum and Gift Shop illustrates the reasons why acceptance of a teleological approach to study of the natural world acts as a set of blinders preventing creationists from seeing the world as it truly is:
"Yes, the museum believes the biblical account of creation ("intelligent design") because God's word says it, but it also gives you the scientific evidence from real scientists, which shows the evidence for design and the scientific facts that do not support 'natural selection.'"
Captured in this one short sentence are all the things about creationism in its various forms that turn logic on its head:

Having embraced a belief system for which there is exactly zero empirical evidence, they cry endlessly about various gaps in the fossil record and demand that scientists supply ever more evidence, which the creationists will never bother to read anyway.


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