Thursday, April 26, 2007


A Brief History of Disbelief II

The Institute for Humanist Studies is one of several humanist organizations underwriting the broadcast of Jonathan Miller's superb "A Brief History of Disbelief" on public television stations throughout the U.S.

However, the IHS broadcast calendar currently lists just three PBS affiliates that will be airing this important program:

RSR is grateful to have been able to view the program online, but this highly sophisticated look at disbelief, which may now be embraced by 1 in 10 Americans, deserves a far wider showing than can be afforded by the web and three PBS stations.

We encourage readers to take a look at Miller's insightful presentation on the web and then insist that your local PBS affiliate agree to air the program, as well. We'll start the ball rolling by listing the contact information for a number of PBS affiliates in this area:

Please send you local affiliate a pleasant little note letting them know how much you'd appreciate seeing "A History of Disbelief" aired.

Note to skeptical bloggers: Please help spread the word about the program on your blog or discussion board and encourage your readers to contact PBS affiliates in your area to air the program.


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