Monday, March 26, 2007


People In Your Community

Donald J. Eckard, a Dentist in Rogers Arkansas, is the community representative on the science textbook adoption committee there. Dr. Eckard is concerned that the Biology textbooks provided by the district don't contain enough evidence to support the theory of evolution.

"The four biology textbooks I reviewed, including the one adopted for grades nine through 12, 'Biology' by Glencoe, present Darwinian evolution with very little critical analysis," Eckard said in a memo to the board.

That's why he wants to supplement the textbooks with an accompanying manuscript, a DVD to critically evaluate the evidence supporting evolution, and a DVD of a debate between creationists and those who support evolution.

"In each case, the district need not worry about the costs associated with the production of these materials. People in your community want this," says Mark Moore, another advocate of critical thinking in the district.

"They feel so strongly about it that they are willing to put up the money for production costs. What would be needed is a commitment that the materials will actually reach the students," Moore adds.

Red State Rabble tends to agree that high school science textbooks do a bad job of presenting evolution. That's because critical thinkers like Eckard and Moore have demanded that it be stripped from the books and publishers have complied.

What Eckard and Moore have in mind has nothing to do with critical thinking and everything to do with religious indoctrination. And, as always with these types, they refuse to be honest about their intentions.


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