Thursday, March 29, 2007


Munchies, Too?

Yesterday, in a post about Ken Ham's Creation Museum, we joked that Tyrannosaurus Rex subsisted on watercress sandwiches and green tea.

Creationists, like Ham, believe Adam and Eve shared the Garden of Eden with dinosaurs and that Tyrannosaurus Rex -- who we'd been led to believe was an early low carb adopter -- was really a vegetarian.

Turns out we were wrong about the watercress and green tea.

In an article titled, "Creation 'Science' Is the Christian Right's Trojan Horse Against Reason," Chris Hedges writes that according to the Creation Museum, "all of the dinosaurs were peaceable plant-eaters. The evidence is found in Genesis 1:30, where God gives "green herb" to every creature to eat."

Maybe that's why T-Rex was so mellow.


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