Friday, February 23, 2007


What Passeth for Reason

At the last board meeting, Ken Willard stopped the proceedings and took the board into executive session to consider the legal implications of teaching science instead of religion in the state's science classes.

The board, now under new, more moderate management, apparently decided there's nothing illegal about teaching science in science classes, so they went ahead and junked the old intelligent design influenced standards in favor of, well, actual science.

Why would anyone think it's against the law to teach real science -- you know, the kind of thing scientists come up with -- in science classes? Well, take a gander at an excerpt from a letter to the editor written by one of Willard's constitutents:
... the word science comes from the Latin, "scientia," which literally means... "to know." Now, I ask all legislators, teachers and parents alike, how can you "know" something that is a theory?

Brilliant, as they say in the Guinness commercials.

Hat tip to D.W. who writes the Real Kansas blog.


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