Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Superstitious Bigots

"Some Christian fundamentalists on the Dover school board first demanded the Bible creation story be taught alongside the theory of evolution. They then switched to the subtler tactic of promoting the intellectual hogwash of intelligent design (creationism given a pseudo-scientific makeover). And what's so astounding is that not one of these superstitious bigots—not a single one—ever, at any stage, managed to gain even a basic understanding of what evolution actually is."

From a review of Ed Humes' new book, Monkey Girl, published in the Philadelphia Weekly by Steven Wells.

That's one of the fascinating -- nearly unbelievable -- things that Humes examines in Monkey Girl. The testimony of the board members at the Dover trial shows that none of them even bothered to learn anything about evolution or intelligent design before voting to put it in the classroom -- against the advice of the science faculty.


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