Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Sue Gamble on the Science Standards Vote

Prior to the Kansas Board of Education vote yesterday, moderate pro-science school board member Sue Gamble sent this message:

I expect there will be six votes (the minimum number needed) to pass the Recommended Science Standard on Tuesday, February 13 around 4 pm.

Ironically on February 14, 2001 a previous state board also passed science standards to replace the flawed science standards that had been adopted in August 1999.

I made that motion and hope to make the motion on Tuesday.

There are two sets of people who have made the Tuesday vote possible. They are the voters of Kansas especially those in District 5 and District 9, who put new board members in place and District 1 where the incumbent Janet Waugh was returned to her seat.

The other group is the Science Writing Committee who continued to work as a private citizens even after the group was disbanded following the vote to approve the flawed science standards in November 2005. This group has continued to work and develop the standards so that they reflect the changes requested by teachers in Kansas as well as the External Review Committee.

The parents and students as well of all citizens owe this group a huge debt of gratitude. Their names are listed in the standards; let them know how you feel.


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