Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Sometimes You Get What You Need

In a review of Ed Humes' Monkey Girl in the Huffington Post, Ellis Weiner makes an interesting observation: the Scopes Monkey Trial was dreamed up by the Dayton city fathers as a publicity stunt to draw attention to the town.

Likewise, in Dover, the Thomas More Law Center found the school district it had been trolling for -- a volunteer. A school board that wanted to take on evolution in order to teach the intelligent design strain of creationism in their public school classrooms.

The district took its votes -- like the Dayton city fathers -- with the full knowledge that it would lead to a test case over intelligent design.

(Actually, they really wanted to teach Genesis, intelligent design was their second choice.)

No matter how much the creationists on the school board, the Thomas More Law Center, and the Discovery Institute and elsewhere howl about the outcome of the trial, we should all remember that they were volunteers. They wanted a test case and they got it.


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