Saturday, February 03, 2007


New Mexico Update

According to a report titled "Creationism Measure Tabled," in The Albuquerque Journal "[t]he House Judiciary Committee voted 7-4 along party lines to table a resolution saying public school teachers would have 'the right and freedom to objectively inform students of any scientific information that is relevant to both strengths and weaknesses' of the evolutionary theory."

What sort of "objective" scientific information did the bill's sponsor W.C. "Dub" Williams have in mind?
"However we evolved, we're here. What we evolved from we will never figure out," Williams said. "There are many people who are absolutely convinced God did all of this and if you have the faith I have, God did it all."

This bill, by the way, is one that the Discovery Institute's Casey Luskin disingenuously claims is an "innocuous academic freedom bill which protects the teaching of science, and science only, in the science classroom, even if the science challenges neo-Darwinism."

Luskin versus the bill's sponsor. Luskin versus reality. Luskin versus the world.


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