Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Missing Molly

With Texas Rep. Warren Chisum distributing ads for a Web site that promotes a book on the "Fixed Earth" RSR is feeling the loss of Molly Ivins. We can't help but think she'd have had something to say about these latest shenanigans. Now that she's gone this may be the best we're going to get:

A 78-year-old author in Georgia sells books teaching that the Earth is the center of the galaxy, that modern science is all a Satanic lie and that evolution is a Jewish belief that promotes one-world government.

He wrote some Texans and found a gullible buyer.

Where else?

Of course: the Texas House.

Upholding the usual Capitol standards of intelligence, a Panhandle lawmaker mindlessly circulated ads for a Web site that promotes a book on the "Fixed Earth."

This is not the same as the flat-Earth theory. But it's close.


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