Friday, February 23, 2007


Lying for Jesus

Running a blog like Red State Rabble gives you a front row seat for watching the lunacy, paranoia, and incredible dishonesty that characterize the religious right. Here's an example from the comments to a post we did about about Ed Humes Op-Ed in the LA Times.
The lawsuit coming, and I know becaue I clerked for the troll who serves as Calverts front man at meetings and on the net. The approach will be from the point of view of defending religion agaisnt unconstitutional attack, not from the point of view of promoting ID or attacking evolution Some of the sites like KCFS will find members remarkds used as ammo,if the are not in fact named. I know because I clerked for this fool Don't worry, he has high turnover and pays low so he won't know who this is coming from. Gotta hurry. Do as you will with this info. Whistle Blower 02.20.07 - 1:23 pm
WhistleBlower also posted this comment to another piece we wrote about the possibility of a creationist suit over the standards:
Yep. The suit is coming. I know because I clerked in the office of the
troll who is Calverts front man.He is often seen at meetings that have anything to do with the "controvery". I won't name names, but he is a tall guy with glassed, 40's. long hair (almost like an ex hippie) and average looking. Looks normal, so wouldn't know from looking what a fanatic he is. Never voices fanatical opinions in public; sometimes even denies them. ALWAYS carries a recording device. They have a high turnover of clerks, so no way he can know its me spilling the beans. The suit will not approach the case from the point of challenging evolution OR promoting ID, but from the point of view of defending religion against unconstitutional attack. KCFS will figure in this, as a source of ammo for the allegation of atheists attacks. One of their board members especially who is a rabid atheist and of course the media rep. I pass this info on because they are real assholes in that office. Do with it as you will. Whistle Blower 02.20.07 - 1:07 pm
KCFS President Jack Krebs wrote a response to the first comment asking for more information. In response, this comment, from someone using the pseudonym Knauer, was posted:
I see that Mr Jack Krebs has solicited "Whistle Blower" to obtain information he got illegally from his employers office.This is, shall we say, improper, and will lead to the proper notifications.It is not suprising, however. Knauer 2.22.07 - 11:55 am.
All three comments originate from the same IP address: Paranoid? Delusional? You bet. Suppose the description in the second comment -- always carries a recording device -- is really a description of WhistleBlower/Knauer himself? We'd bet on it.


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