Monday, February 12, 2007


KU Darwin Day Activities

6:00 pm Natural History Museum (Dyche Hall) activities
KU scientists will have displays and presentations set up around the museum highlighting their current research in evolutionary biology.

Highlights of KU research: Display tables in the museum

The Explore Evolution Exhibition gives visitors the opportunity to see the breadth of evolutionary biology and how scientists conduct research into some of these critical scientific ideas. The exhibit is organized into seven areas exploring how evolution works from the very small to the very big - viruses to whales. Members of KU Students for Science will be on hand to help answer questions about the displays.

7:30 pm Costume Contest

Cash prizes of $100.00 for best costume and $50.00 for runner up in three categories. A research scientist will select the winner and runner up for best Darwin.Muffy Moose herself — via Web video hook-up will judge the Muffys.The Dodo from the film will select the winning dodos!

7:45 pm Flock of Dodos -- Woodruff Auditorium $2.00


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