Monday, February 19, 2007


Is That a Grill?

Our dear old friend, Afarensis, who blogs on anthropology, evolution, and science from across the state line in Missouri, kindly linked to a series of RSR posts on the possibility that disgruntled creationists might sue the Kansas school board over its recent decision to limit the state's science curriculum to real science.

Naturally, we popped over to his blog to see for ourselves what was provoking all the traffic. When we arrived our attention was riveted to a photo of an Afarensis fossil skull for which the blog is named. The skull is from a 3.5-2.8 million year old hominin from the Hadar formation in the Middle Awash of Ethiopia.

It was then we noticed that some of the missing teeth in the broadly smiling Afarensis have been replaced by what looks to our aging eyes like a modern dental appliance. Is that a grill?


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