Friday, January 12, 2007


Why William Dembski Will Never be a University President

Intelligent design guru William Dembski, who until now has had trouble just holding onto a job, is dreaming of what he'd do if he were a university president. Self-aggrandizement, it seems, comes with the ID territory.

In a post published yesterday on his Uncommon Descent blog Dembski informs that his first act would be to "dissolve the biology department and divide the faculty with tenure that I couldn’t get rid of into two new departments: those who know engineering and how it applies to biological systems would be assigned to the new “Department of Biological Engineering”; the rest, and that includes the evolutionists, would be consigned to the new “Department of Nature Appreciation... ”

And that is precisely why Dembski, the perpetual adolescent, will never be appointed to any position of responsibility anywhere.


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