Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Religous Education in UK Evolves

New guidelines for religious education classes in the UK call for students to explore Christianity, Hinduism and Islam. The course will also consider the perspective of those who do not believe there is a god, according to The Guardian.

Students will grapple with the idea of "creation, God as creator of the universe, intelligent design, the Big Bang theory, the sacred story and purposeful design, as well as words that are specific to a religion, such as Bible, Rig Veda, and Qur'an."

They will role-play disputes between religion and science, such as Galileo, Charles Darwin and Richard Dawkins in the course, as well.

Somehow we don't think this is the dispute the intelligent design theorists at the Discovery Institute or the UK's Truth in Science had in mind when they called for teaching the controversy.


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