Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Kansas Board to Move Quickly on Science Standards

The Kansas Board of Education is moving quickly to rid the state of the embarrassment that is intelligent design. Observers expect that the board may adopt the set of standards next month that were originally proposed by the majority of the curriculum committee but bypassed in favor of intelligent design influenced standards in 2005.

Kathy Martin, one of the Christian fundamentalists on the board who pushed for the anti-science standards, apparently doesn't watch the Daily Show.

"I really question whether we need to look at the science standards again," says Kathy Martin.

On the other hand, Sue Gamble a leader of the new moderate majority on the board says,"We can take action next month. Local districts deserve to have high-quality education standards from which to build their local curriculums."

And Kansans deserve to watch Leno, Letterman, Stewart and the rest without being the butt of their jokes.


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